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Bulk Buy USA provides solutions to the food industry through the secondary food market for distressed & surplus food ingredients & products resulting from off-specification, close-coded, expired, discontinued, surplus and inventory liquidations due to plant closings & more.  We specialize in off specification, expired, close coded, discontinued, surplus, liquidated, distressed dairy powders, organic ingredients, whey powders, whey permeate, whey protein, nfdm, wpc, wpi, mpc, mpi, protein isolate, organic pea protein, organic dried fruit, organic nuts, organic dairy powder, expired cheese, close-coded cheese, casein, sugar, corn syrup


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​Bulk Buy USA has a strong secondary market network of business partners throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico for the food & beverage industry.

​Our network of nationwide buyers includes, but is not limited to: distributors, manufacturers, importers, discount chain stores, hospitality companies, prisons and many more.  ​We have outlets for almost every food ingredient product on the market. 

Bulk Buy USA also sells to the animal feed industry in situations in which a product is no longer suitable for human consumption, but would be appropriate for the use in production of livestock feed and/or other animal food applications. 

​Our team of Sourcing Specialists and Traders have been trained to maximize the potential of our vast business network for every buy and sell opportunity while upholding our commitment to confidentiality & discretion. 

In addition to our expansive network of food industry partners, Bulk Buy USA also utilizes a network of quality-oriented storage & transportation vendors to ensure each transaction is executed efficiently from beginning to end. 

Learn more about Bulk Buy USA by calling 636-775-2101.